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    Falconry Information

    Falconry Information

    Western Sporting is a publisher of falconry information, in the form of books and films. The very latest falconry information from the world’s leading authorities is conveniently available from Western Sporting. We carry everything from newly published works to the classics.

    At Western Sporting, we strive to supply our customers with pertinent information for all their falconry needs including: the history of falconry, the basics for beginners or for those with a casual interest in falconry, and the equipment and regulations of falconry. We carry field guides, adventure and travel books by falconers, and classic and collectible falconry books covering a wide range of topics including: 1) hunting, gamehawking, and dogs 2) accipiters, especially goshawks 3) longwings, especially peregrines and gyrfalcons 4) trapping 5) falconry in European, Asian, and Arabic cultures 6) raptor conservation and protection 7) pigeon care and use.

    Information on products sold by Western Sporting can be obtained at the “useful downloads” button on our website. Under the “Links” button are links to all of the U.S. state and national falconry organizations and game departments. Western Sporting is pleased to sponsor NAFEX (North American Falconers Exchange) and IFF (International Falconry Forum), two forums where new falconry information unfolds and evolves daily in online discussions among falconers of all levels of experience. Western Sporting maintains a close relationship with the Archives of Falconry, the most complete collection of books, articles, essays, manuscripts, artwork, equipment, memorabilia, media, and other sources in the world.