Falconry Dogs

For some falconers, the falconry dog is an important member of the hawking team. Most raptors quickly learn that a dog increases the chance for a good slip, and a canine hunting partner therefore becomes instrumental in the field.

The decision about which dog breed to choose is an individual choice for each falconer. The choice will be affected by the type of game being hunted and the temperament of the hawk that the dog will be working with. An excellent way to get information is to spend time with fellow falconers and to learn their dog recommendations for the type of falconry they practice. They will also be knowledgeable about local and reputable breeders.

Falconry dogs need the proper training and equipment to do their best. The information and the gear you need are all right here at Western Sporting. For the falconer with a telemetry system, having a dog collar with a frequency in the appropriate band will make for convenient tracking. We offer tracking collars, whistles, launchers, and books on dog training. For falconers who are rabbit hawkers, the book Rabbit Hawker’s Dogs features contributions from several authors and information on several types of dogs suited to rabbit hawking. Falconers interested in other types of hawking will find information in Practical Falconry by James MacKay and Falconry & Hawking by Phillip Glasier. Desert Hawking IV by Harry McElroy offers information on dogs to use with the Harris’ Hawk, and Duck Hawking and the Art of Falconry by Joe Roy describes hawking with longwings and hunting dogs.

Dog Training

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