Reward Tag: with Serial Number & Phone Support: Live Operators will call the Falconer Directly

Reward Tag: with Serial Number & Phone Support: Live Operators will call the Falconer Directly

    Price: $24.95

    Code: FE1145

    Weight: 0.08 pounds

    Falconry Identification and Reward Tag with 24/7 Operator Assistance Service.

    For United States and Canada Customers Only: Toll-Free number is only active in U.S. and Canada

    Small Hawk Tag: Dimensions: 5/8" (16.5 mm) diameter (Cooper's Hawk down in size.)

    Large Hawk Tag: Dimensions: 3/4" (19 mm) diameter (Cooper's Hawk up in size.)

    About The Tag:
    Each Western Sporting falconry identification and reward tag has a unique serial number that is assigned to the owner. The tag is designed to be attached on a bewit next to a bell or transmitter or just around the leg or neck by itself. A laminated card is provided with the serial number of the tag on it for the falconer to keep in wallet or falconry bag. The tag can be applied to any hawk owned by the falconer. The tag is owned by the purchaser and is non-transferrable.

    How It Works:
    When a hawk wearing an identification tag is found, the phone number on the tag will put the caller/finder in touch with Western Sporting's answering service. The answering service is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week so there is no worry about missing that important phone call when out searching for a lost hawk.

    The answering service will have the contact information that has been provided upon the purchase of the falconry identification tag. As soon as any report of a lost hawk is received, the owner of the tag will be contacted using the information that was provided and every attempt will be made to actually patch the caller through to the falconer at that moment. The falconer's agrees that the contact information will only be used for locating and identifying the owner of the lost hawk and connecting that falconer directly with the finder of the hawk.

    Update Our Files:
    Contact Western Sporting as soon as any of your provided information has changed. Please see the Hawk Identification form on our web site at: www.westernsporting/IDTag to update information any time of day or night.

    Note: The owner of the lost hawk is responsible for any Reward associated with the reclamation of the lost hawk. We suggest the falconer treat the finder of their hawk to a day out hawking, a gift coupon to a local merchant or some other form of gratuity.