Falconry Equipment

Falconry equipment is both a serious and fun matter. It is serious because safety and satisfaction depend on choosing the right equipment from the myriad of types available. Having such a large variety of options, however, is also what makes the process of choosing enjoyable.

Falconry equipment is also referred to as hawk “furniture.” Some of it is essential. Gloves, tethering systems, a perch and housing for the hawk are without a doubt absolutely necessary to practice falconry. Other equipment is not always mandatory, but may still be highly useful. Hoods and telemetry fall into this category. Additional equipment, such as an extra perch or a hood with ornamentation are entirely optional.

At Western Sporting, falconry equipment is designed and tested to ensure effectiveness and satisfaction. We carry all of the following types of falconry equipment: field, training, trapping, tethering, housing, weathering, weight management, and handling. Every piece of our equipment, much of which is designed or made under Western Sporting’s own roof, is researched and tested to assure that it is safe and durable and that it functions as needed and expected. Our equipment is available in a range of sizes to fit every type of hawk from kestrels to eagles. We offer equipment for falconers who prefer traditional methods, and we also offer the latest and newest products made from modern materials. Whenever possible, we include instructions for proper care and use of the equipment we supply.

All Falconry Equipment

Bullet Flying Jesses TM - The Original Bullet Jesses - 3 Sizes & Colors
Price: $32.95
Falconry Hood Brace Blanks - High Quality Black Nylon Cloth - Expertly Sewn
Price: $3.95
Classic Sewn Dutch Hood - New Millennium Blocked - Full Range of Sizes - Great Fit
Price: $64.95
Equator Bells - Pairs by Larry Counce - Bronze Equator Bells - 4 Sizes
Price: $24.95
Rollins Dutch Falconry Hood - Exterior Sewn - 32 Sizes Available
Price: $59.95
Apprentice Basics Kit - Red-tailed & Harris' Hawks - Essential - Save over $60 (23230507)
Price: $224.95
Long Cuff Elk Hide Gauntlet - Medium to Heavy Duty Use - Very Popular Style (5495)
Price: $54.95
"Austringer" Medium Cuff Cowhide Black Gauntlet - Medium, Heavy Duty Use (3995)
Price: $39.95