Dave Noble Bronze & Brass Acorn Bells - 5 Sizes for All Hawks / Falcons

Dave Noble Bronze & Brass Acorn Bells - 5 Sizes for All Hawks / Falcons

    Price: $27.95

    Code: FE1133A

    Weight: 0.08 pounds

    Dave Noble Falconry Bells -- See Size Chart Below

    These falconry bells are made by master bellmaker and falconer Dave Noble. He has chosen the combinations of metals to provide for the longest service, best dual sound, and functionality. Dave Noble has designed the best bewit loop that is sturdy and will not break even after much use in the field.

    See the sizes for these falconry bells for the various hawks as suggested by Dave Noble. We have listed the measurement of the falconry bell, which does not include the bewit loop, to help you choose your Dave Noble bells.

    These Bronze/Brass bells are slightly lower pitched than the Nickel Silver/Brass bells (FE1133B). (Anatum Peregrine Falcon weighing 28 oz shown wearing a pair of size 5 Dave Noble bells.)

    Pairs of Noble Bells at $27.95 per set.

    Size 0: Jack Merlin, Sharp-shinned Hawk, Kestrel or similar
    W: 15 mm x H: 15 mm

    Size 1: Male Cooper's, Merlin or similar
    W: 16 mm x H: 19 mm

    Size 5: Small Longwing, Male Hybrid, Male Harris or Gos, Female Cooper's or similar
    W: 18 mm x H: 21 mm

    Size 9: Large Longwing, Male Redtail, Female Harris or similar
    W: 21 mm x H: 24 mm

    Size 13: Female Redtail or Ferruginous, Gyrfalcon or similar
    W: 23 mm x H: 28 mm

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