Falconry Shop

Western Sporting is a falconry shop offering falconry products of all kinds at one online location. We sell all the equipment and supplies a falconer needs as well as a complete line of falconry books and films.

Whether a beginner at falconry or an accomplished master falconer, whether a longwinger, a red-tail flyer, a merlin man, an eagle flyer, a goshawker, an ole’ cadger, or any other type of falconer, the supplies you seek are offered by Western Sporting’s falconry shop. This includes all the basic needs such as perches, hoods, bells, leashes, bath pans, scales, telemetry, and more.

Some of the supplies our falconry shop offers are those that need replenishing each season or at frequent intervals. These include hawk food, vitamin supplements, various pigeon supplies, falconry gloves, and transmitter batteries. Of course, it’s also a good idea to keep up with the latest falconry publications that are carried by or published by Western Sporting. The book and film titles in our inventory are frequently updated; we offer classics along with new publications hot off the press.

Our falconry shop also offers gifts, artwork, jewelry, specialty and novelty items. We ship these items to any location, so it’s easy for you to shop for a friend or special occasion. This is true of all the products we sell; they can be shipped anywhere on the planet. Among falconry suppliers, we are known for maintaining high standards of quality and service. For equipment, supplies, information, and more: Shop with us for all your falconry needs!

All Falconry Equipment

Deer Skin Glove - Medium/Heavy Short Cuff Color: Natural Color
Price: $59.95
Falconry Looped Leash Tethering System - Tightly Braided & Anti-Tangle - Sale Price
Price: $59.95
VitaHawk Maintenance Supplement - Two Sizes: 100 grams (3.5 oz) or 300g (11 oz)
Price: $11.95
Rotary Cutter Replacement Blades - Western Sporting, Long-Lasting, Easy to Install
Price: $11.95
Strap Cutter Replacement Blades for Strip & Strap Cutter, Package of 5 Blades
Price: $5.49
Dho-Gazza Trap Frame & Net - Ready for Trapping - Small to Large Raptors
Price: $169.95
Rollins Dutch Falconry Hood - Exterior Sewn - 32 Sizes Available
Price: $64.95
Giant Hood Ventilation Fan Unit - Add to any Giant Hood for Constant Fresh Air
Price: $64.95