Vise-Grip Grommet Setters & Grommets - 4 Sizes - Each with Grommets

Vise-Grip Grommet Setters & Grommets - 4 Sizes - Each with Grommets

    Price: $36.95

    Code: FE5124

    Weight: 0.43 pounds

    Western Sporting's own Grommet Setters

    We worked on this grommet setter for a good long time. In the end, we went through a couple of different engineers and several prototypes before coming up with a very serviceable grommet setter. They close the grommets easily, evenly and quickly so the process does not stress your hawk. They are easy to use with the grommets being set in place while the hawk still sits calmly hooded on the glove. Why cast a hawk causing stress when it can be done while hooded on the glove?

    Hint: After cutting the leather anklets, glue the male and female grommet pieces in place on the anklet with a small drop of contact cement. Also, put a small dab of contact cement on the inside of the leather anklets so they stay together when placed around the hawk's legs. Then, simply clamp the grommets and complete the process. Minimal fuss for you and less stress for your hawk!

    The grommet setter comes bundled with a set of 25 free grommets but you can also purchase a gross (144) at a reasonable price. Be sure to order extra grommets if you have several hawks to get jessed-up. Add them here above in 144 when purchasing the setter or order separately below in 144's. See item FE5127 extra grommets below.

    Small / Grommet Size 00 (3/16"): Suitable for kestrel, Merlin, sharp-shinned hawk, or similar sized hawk.

    Medium / Grommet Size 0 (1/4"): Suitable for Coopers' hawk, Barbary falcon, male hybrid falcon, male Harris', small female peregrine, or similar sized hawk.

    Large / Grommet Size 1 (5/16"): Suitable for large female peregrine, male red-tailed hawk, female Harris' hawk, female goshawk, gyrfalcon, male ferruginous hawk, or similar sized hawk.

    XLarge Size / Grommet Size 2 (3/8"): Suitable for female ferruginous hawk, female red-tailed hawk, and other large sized hawks.

    Extra Grommets: Gross of 144
    3/16" Size 00 ($12.95)
    1/4" Size 0 ($13.95)
    5/16" Size 1 ($14.95)
    3/8" Size 2 ($18.95)
    7/16" Size 3 ($29.95)

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