Falconry Gear

Falconry is a sport that requires gear in large quantity and high quality. There are several essential pieces that are used both in the field and at home. Some pieces of equipment are necessary while on the road as well, and with this in mind, Western Sporting specializes in falconry gear that is portable and dual-purpose.

Many falconers keep spare gear on hand that can be accessed whenever needed. Sometimes it is helpful to have falconry gear in a variety of sizes. Swivels, leashes, jesses, and hoods belong to this type of gear and are available in many sizes and styles from Western Sporting. Other items that are needed in just one size (the glove that fits your hand, for example) should still be acquired as spares in the event of accidental loss. Extra grommets, bells, and a spare lure are also among the items that most falconers like to keep handy.Telemetry is a type of gear used by most falconers, and Western Sporting offers three brands of telemetry. All of Western Sporting’s transmitter batteries are offered at a discounted price, making it especially easy to keep spares on hand.

Weather meters, battery testers, and telemetry signal testers are among the items that are not essential, but are extremely useful. All of these items and more are offered at our falconry store. Western Sporting strives to provide gear that is made of the most durable and sturdy material. Falconry gear sold by Western Sporting has been thoroughly researched and tested to assure that the products are the safest and strongest available. Well-designed and long-lasting gear is safest for the hawk and most efficient for the falconer.

All Falconry Equipment

6 Piece Changeable Hollow Punch Set - Three Sizes Match Our Grommets
Price: $23.95
Kangaroo Skin Glove - Dark Brown Medium Duty with Medium Length
Price: $59.95
North Country Butt-Joint Bells - Pairs by Roy Priest - Bronze/ Brass
Price: $24.95
Kangaroo Leather - Jesses, Anklets & Braiding - Dense, Thick, Tear Resistant
Price: $119.95
Dacron (6 Strand) - Flat Braid Loop Leashes - Four Sizes & Three Colors
Price: $11.95
Kit B.C. Trap - A Western Sporting Exclusive Design (24240507)
Price: $109.95
Paracord Looped Leash for Falconers - 2 Lengths & 2 Colors - Brown or Green
Price: $12.95
Kite / Balloon, Line, Spindle & Extra Spools of Line @ 3000' - Choose Type
Price: $21.95