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Western Sporting carries the most comprehensive supply of falconry books available. For the latest original material, for information that has stood the test of time and for updates on this information, the falconry books published by Western Sporting are the best you will find. They rely on author contributions and input from the most experienced falconers. Falconry books published by Western Sporting are also reviewed by falconers of all ages and levels of experience, providing the most accurate and useful information available.

Along with in house publications, the collection of falconry books available in Western Sporting's online store includes titles, new and old, from every possible source we can find. If there is a classic work on falconry or a new book you are seeking, Western Sporting is the place to find it. We carry new editions of classic works, and we also buy and sell previously owned collectible books. For special editions of a favorite or for a previously owned option at a lesser price, please check out our inventory.

Topics of our falconry books include: apprentice information, training, general falconry information, books for beginners, eagles, historical and old world falconry, and specialty items for those who fly peregrines, accipiters, redtails, kestrels, and many others. We carry memoirs and travel books, books on falconry as practiced in various cultures and countries, field guides on raptors, and books on health and rehab of raptors. For technical falconry information, for entertaining reading, or for falconry books with abundant artwork or photos, our inventory at Western Sporting has much to offer.

All Falconry Books

A Short Discourse of Hawking - Sir Thomas Sherley, Hardbound, 126 pages
Price: $79.95
The Best of Falconer's World 1998-2002 - Compiled and Edited by Brian Tallon
Price: $29.95
Desert Hawking IV - Harry McElroy, Hardbound, 8 1/2" x 11", 368 pages
Price: $52.95
Eternity of Eagles - Stephen Bodio - Hard Cover, Dust Wrapper, 208 pages
Price: $26.95
Falconry: Principles & Practice - Roger Upton - Hard Bound, 240 pages
Price: $32.95
A Photographic Guide to North American Raptors by Wheeler & Clark, 198 Pages
Price: $28.95
Hunting with Harris Hawks - Bob Dalton, Softbound, 135 pages
Price: $24.95
Goshawk - Memories of a Spanish Goshawker, Hardbound, 240 pages
Price: $69.95


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