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    Falconry Kites

    Falconry Kites

    Falconers who want their hawks to specialize in high flights will find the kites and training aids at Western Sporting to be of high quality. Kites are very good for getting a hawk into shape and maintaining that fitness. Not only does Western Sporting have kites, but we offer our own specially designed foolproof release system, a weather meter to let you calculate the best time and place to train your hawk, and spools and line to fit your purpose and your budget.

    Kites that are used by falconers for training hawks require specialized features such as being able to achieve unusual height in a light wind. Ours are made with this idea in mind; they have been designed, tested, perfected, and are built one at a time by a craftsman who is considered to be the world’s falconry kite expert.

    In addition to falconry kites, Western Sporting features a unique spindle/spool design. We offer three types. A complete spool and spindle setup for your falconry kite (with your choice of line) is available, and we also offer replacement spools of each type of kite or balloon line.

    Our release system is made for extreme ease of use and reliability. It is very lightweight and is suitable for use with a balloon as well. Instructions are included for ease of use. For the best in falconry kites and the most recent information on how to use them, Western Sporting can help!