Balloon / Kite / Quadcopter Release Parts, Complete or Replacement Parts

Balloon / Kite / Quadcopter Release Parts, Complete or Replacement Parts

    Price: $13.95

    Code: FE3017

    Weight: 0.05 pounds

    Kite, Balloon and Quadcopter Release Parts

    When Using:
    BALLOON and KITE - Purchase Option A.
    BALLOON - Purchase Option A.
    KITE ONLY - Purchase Option (C. and E.)
    QUADCOPTER - Purchase Option (D. and E.) along with Parachute (Click Here for Parachute.)

    A. ($52.95) Complete Balloon / Kite Release System This release system has been designed to provide the falconer with a release for both balloon and kite. All the pieces needed to start your kite or balloon training are included, just add the bait. It utilizes a unique little nylon clip that holds the downrigger line until the falcon grabs the bait. Simply tie a couple loops in the main line for attachment points. Then clip on the carbon fiber arm for a balloon configuration, or for the kite attach just the release clip without the arm. This new release is very reliable and you will not experience the agony of wondering if you set the release pressure correctly every time. It is flawless.

    B. ($39.95) Carbon Fiber Rod is the lightest and most durable material available. The rod also includes a black sure-fire release, a white downrigger release, stabilizer cord, eyelet for adding a parachute rig, and the swivels and clips needed for attaching to the mainline of the balloon.

    C. ($16.95) Bait Line is made from .065" stiff, yet thin trimline cord and includes bait tethers, sampo swivel for use with the black sure-fire release and a white nylon washer for use with the white downrigger release.

    D. ($15.95) Quadcopter Bait Line is made from the same trimline cord as the other bait line and includes swivel, bait tethers, but has been modified for use with the quadcopter parachute rig.(Not Pictured Above)

    E. ($15.95): Black Sure-fire Bait Release works flawlessly and is easy to adjust. It is used for food items on the kite or balloon and will give you the confidence to know it will release easily when the hawk grabs the bait. This contains the release clip, snap swivel and custom-made Sampo swivel.

    F. ($13.95): White Downrigger Live Bait Release is used for live or larger bait items and comes with a white nylon washer which makes is much easier to guage the tension behind the release.

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