Kite/Balloon: Spool with Spindle - 3 Sizes of Line @ 3000' - Choose Type

Kite/Balloon: Spool with Spindle - 3 Sizes of Line @ 3000' - Choose Type

    Price: $69.95

    Code: FE3012A

    Weight: 4.70 pounds

    We have contracted and built the best spool available. The shaft, side plate and acorn nut are stainless steel with a nice brushed finish. The spool is a very hard black nylon filled with plaster for both weight and stability and three different types of line are offered depending on budget and use.

    Note: We suggest the Spectra line is only used for balloons. It is very thin and can cut a person if not handled with gloves while under a load such as when used with a kite. Dacron is the best choice for kites and this spool allows for changing out different spools easily.

    1) Western Sporting Spool & Spindle without line $69.95

    2) Spool & Spindle with 3000' of 80# Dacron (actual line wt = 1.3 lbs) $94.95

    3) Spool & Spindle with 3000' of 100# Dacron (actual line wt = 1.8 lbs) $104.95

    4) Spool & Spindle with 3000' of 80# Spectra (actual line wt = .4 lbs) $139.95

    (Picture shown with spool of 3000' Dacron) Our spools contain 3000 foot of line. Over time pieces of line will be removed as the line near the kite or balloon wears. The extra line on our spools guarantees that there will always be plenty available. The falconer should keep in mind that the flight angle of the kite and balloon are affected to a large degree by how much weight they are carrying. The load placed on the balloon and kite should be kept to a minimum. As an example, a  5.5 foot  round sphere will lift 3 pounds at sea level. Obviously, the weight a kite can carry in a stronger wind will be much greater.

    Sometimes the wind can make the line quite taught. As a precaution, we suggest the user always has a comfortable pair of work gloves handy for handling the line to prevent cuts on the hands.

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