Falconry Supplies

Western Sporting has falconry supplies of all types. This includes everything from durable and long-lasting supplies to those that should be replenished on a seasonal or even a daily basis.

Among our falconry supplies are traps, perches, scales, and everything you need to set up your mews or take a road trip. We have complete training supplies for your hawk such as lures, launchers, kites, and jump up platforms. We have hoods, bells, swivels, gloves, bags, vests, and everything else that a falconer takes to the field. We have complete tethering, telemetry, leather tools and hoodmaking supplies. We have hawk food and vitamins. We even offer falconry artwork, jewelry, and gifts.

Western Sporting has a comprehensive collection of falconry books and films. For the beginner who is unsure about which falconry supplies to acquire or for the experienced falconer wanting to try new techniques, our book and film offerings contain all the needed information to make an informed decision for your next purchase.

All of our falconry supplies are designed or obtained by us only after thorough consideration, planning, review, and/or testing to assure high quality. We ship to any address worldwide.

All Falconry Equipment

Falconry Hood Brace Blanks - High Quality Black Nylon Cloth - Expertly Sewn
Price: $4.95
Dho-Gazza Trap Frame & Net - Ready for Trapping - Small to Large Raptors
Price: $169.95
Grommets & Washers - One Gross (144) - Five Sizes - Long Lasting Supply
Price: $12.95
Dho-Gazza Nets - 2 Sizes / 4 Colors - Low Cost & Very Effective
Price: $34.95
Leather Thickness Gauge - 0-10 x 0.1mm - Hoodmaker's Tool
Price: $29.95
Weighted Anchor Bag, For Use With the Kite or Balloon, See More Info
Price: $29.95
Kit B.C. Trap - A Western Sporting Exclusive Design
Price: $129.95
Coturnix Quail for Falconer's Flying Hawks - High Quality Nutrition-Packed Hawk Food
Price: $335.00