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    Hawk Food

    Hawk Food

    Proper nutrition is essential when selecting hawk food. Raptors should be offered food that has been raised and prepared under clean conditions; this will provide the hawk with the highest quality and thus the most nutritious food as well.

    In addition to a basic food source, a vitamin and mineral supplement is an important consideration. These products will increase a hawk's nutrition input, disease resistance, and thus aid performance in the field. By adding a supplement to your hawk food, you will also provide for health of feet, cere, and beak. During the special times of moulting and breeding, hawk food supplements are especially important for the nutrition boosts they provide to newly forming feathers and embryos.

    The hawk food supplements sold by Western Sporting are designed to appeal to the raptor's appetite and to the falconer's ease of use. They are made to be sprinkled on hawk food, and this can be accomplished easily by using an empty spice container or salt shaker. Correct application and storage information is provided in the descriptions of these hawk food supplements at Western Sporting's website.