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    Bird Launchers

    Bird Launchers

    Bird launchers are valuable tools when training a hawk to recognize and chase quarry. They are used during the transition from training to hunting in the field. When a bird launcher sends a dove or pigeon high into the air, it mimics the flushing of prey by the dog or falconer, giving the hawk opportunity for a practice flight with dog and falconer present.

    Western Sporting’s bird launchers are available in two sizes, one for launching smaller prey the size of a pigeon or chuckar, the other for launching prey the approximate size of a duck or pheasant. The smaller bird launcher is suitable for training a hawk to catch small quail or similar sized quarry, and the larger is useful for training a hawk to chase pheasants, waterfowl, or other larger quarry.

    These bird launchers are available as manually operated or as remote-control operated. The manual type has a simple and reliable operation with a light cord. Remote operation involves use of a receiver that is operated with a controller. As many as 16 bird launchers (all with receivers) can be programmed to operate from one remote control.

    Both the manual and the remotely operated bird launchers sold by Western Sporting have an easy loading trap door. They operate very quietly so as not to spook a dog or alert a hawk to their presence. These devices have high quality nets and springs for an effective launch. They are made with the most reliable and innovative technology available.