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    Eagle Falconry

    Eagle Falconry

    The species of eagle most commonly flown, especially in North American, is the Golden Eagle. Other eagles flown by falconers around the world include the Harpy Eagle, Booted Eagle, Bonelli’s Eagle, Wedge-tailed Eagle, and others.

    All of the equipment that is required for smaller hawks and falcons is necessary in eagle falconry as well, but this equipment must generally be stronger, larger, thicker, and tougher to be effective. For example, Western Sporting’s recommended scale for eagles has a range up to sixty pounds and weighs in five gram increments. Tethering systems, perches, gauntlets, bells, hoods, scales, swivels, trackpacks and transmitter antennas are among the items available from Western Sporting in larger sizes for eagles. All of our eagle equipment is tested and peer reviewed. Our gauntlets were designed using input from an eagle falconer and were then put to use by other eagle falconers to provide feedback. Western Sporting offers a specially selected leather, chosen with eagle falconry in mind for those who make eagle jesses. It is especially dense, resistant to wear, and difficult to rip.

    For aspiring eagle falconers and anyone interested in learning more, Western Sporting’s DVD Eagle Journal features Golden Eagles. Falconry in the Land of the Sun, a Western Sporting publication, is a book with a special section on eagle hawking that covers several types of eagles used in falconry, including Golden Eagles, Hawk-eagles, and others. Additional books in Western Sporting’s inventory are devoted exclusively to eagle falconry. These include Eagle Dreams, Hawking With Golden Eagles, and others. For the admirer of eagles, Western Sporting’s art print collection offers artist’s proofs of a limited edition painting, Baja Golden Eagle.