Marshall Trackpack Reinstall Kit - Replacement Ribbon

Marshall Trackpack Reinstall Kit - Replacement Ribbon

    Price: $15.95

    Code: RT1241

    Weight: 0.10 pounds

    This is the teflon ribbon reinstall kit for a Marshall Radio Trackpack (or Back Pack) mounting kit. The teflon tape is ideal for use on animals as teflon is the most friction-free substance know to man. Included in the reinstall kit is 36" of teflon ribbon and a threaded crimping ring.

    Standard: for use with Standard or Micro Trackpacks (5/32"W x 36"L) - $15.95

    Eagle: for use with Eagle Trackpack (1/4"W x 54"L) - $19.95

    Brought to you by the USA Government, it is a by-product of the race for space, at the expensive of the American citizen, as it was originally designed for and used on all space craft. In this case, your tax dollars doing a good job.

    Also referred to as Trackpack, Track Pack, Back Pack or Backpack.