Falconry Scales

Falconry scales are crucial to correct management of a hawk’s training program. A falconry scale must have appropriate range and increments for the hawk’s size. Types include: the digital, the triple beam, the dial-o-gram, and the spring scale. A custom falconry scale box is available for our most popular scale, the mid-to-high range digital falconry scale.

Choosing a scale of appropriate range and size of increments measured is important. For small raptors, our smallest digital scale weighs in increments of one gram and can weigh up to 15 pounds. Our largest digital scale weighs up to 35 pounds, and it weighs in increments of two grams. Our digital scales can be operated either by plugging them in or using batteries, making it easy to take them on a road trip. The dial-o-gram scale is accurate to one-tenth of a gram, making it extremely accurate. This scale, like all Western Sporting scales, is fitted with a custom perching surface. Spring scales are especially durable and are available in two sizes. The smaller of the two scales has a capacity of 5 pounds and measures in increments of ounce. The larger of the two has a capacity of 20 pounds and measure in increments of 1 ounce.

Weighing a hawk, weighing its food, and recording the measurements are essential daily parts of a falconer’s routine. A scale is thus one of the most vital pieces of falconry equipment.


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