Falconry Gifts

Western Sporting’s selection of falconry gifts will be handy when you are looking for something special for your annual falconry banquet or for numerous other special occasions. Western Sporting has falconry gifts that include jewelry, artwork, notecards, mugs, keyrings, novelties, and gift certificates.

If you are considering purchasing artwork, we offer original paintings and sketches, and we have prints in a wide price range that will make excellent gifts for any falconer, no matter your budget. From posters and small sketches to signed limited edition prints, the artists’ names will be familiar to you because they are known both for their reputations in the art world and their knowledge of falconry. Our jewelry selection includes: lapel pins, earrings, necklaces, key rings, and other items made especially with the falconer in mind. Several of these designs are made by falconers exclusively for Western Sporting. When you need special occasion gifts for another falconer or when you are shopping for your spouse or friends, Western Sporting is the place.

Our books and DVDs also make great gifts. For beginners interested in falconry or for natural history enthusiasts, consider a field guide as a gift. For the falconer with a new hawk, consider a DVD about hawking in the field or a book of falconry memoirs. When you want to give a present, but don’t know what to give, we have an assortment of note cards, playing cards, falconry momentos, and gift certificates. These are suitable for anyone, whether young or old, man or woman, boy or girl, falconer or non-falconer.

Gift Ideas

Stooping Peregrine Falcon & Duck Pendant - .999 Fine Silver - Exclusive Design
Price: $59.95
Educational Falconry Posters -Three Types - Choose Specific Chart
Price: $14.95
Christmas Ornament- Pakistani Falconry Bells, Handmade
Price: $4.95
Playing Cards - Birds of Prey - Let's Play - Makes a Great Gift
Price: $6.95
Miniature Glove Key Ring - Or, Christmas Ornament - Great Gift Idea
Price: $6.95
Peregrine Falcon Earrings - .999 Fine Sterling Silver - Exclusive Design by WS
Price: $59.95
Hooded Goshawk Pendant - .999 Fine Silver - Exclusive Western Sporting Design
Price: $39.95
Original Artwork - Immature Gyrfalcon by Steve Tait
Price: $1,200.00