Falconry Training

Training for the falconer:

Falconry training is required to practice falconry in the USA. Permits from the US Fish and Wildlife Service and the state game department in the falconer-to-be’s state of residency are required. The process of acquiring these permits involves passing a written test, obtaining falconry equipment and housing and submitting it for inspection and approval, and paying fees. It is then possible to begin training as an apprentice falconer under the tutelage of a master falconer.

Training for the hawk:

A hawk must first be trained to have no fear of the falconer and other humans. This type of training is called “manning.” Spending time with the hawk, giving it tidbits of meat at appropriate times, and allowing it become accustomed to a hood are some key components of initial training. Gradually the hawk becomes ready to undergo training outdoors with a lure. A lure simulates quarry and is used in training the hawk to return to the falconer. A creance, a long line to which the hawk is tethered, may be used at first in this training.

When time for hunting arrives, the trained hawk will kill its quarry and return to the falconer. This is the desired result, and it indicates that the training process has been successful. Certain types of hawking (another name for practicing falconry or for hunting with a hawk) may require additional training. One example is a hovering flight known as “waiting on.” Very high-flying longwings that perform this flight may be trained with the use of kites or balloons.

Whether it is training manuals needed for the novice to learn about falconry, basic training equipment obtained when acquiring and manning a hawk, or advanced training equipment such as kites, Western Sporting has a comprehensive collection of all the materials you will need.

All Falconry Training

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