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    Falconry Hoods

    Falconry Hoods

    Falconry hoods serve the purpose of keeping a hawk calm. They are generally made in one of three styles known as Dutch, Anglo-Indian, and Arabic. The difference among the styles is in the shape and number of pattern pieces used to make them. Each style results in a hood that has a particular type of closure and fit. The eye clearance of a falconry hood and the beak opening are two characteristics of fit that concern many falconers; Western Sporting will have the falconry hood with whatever qualities you are seeking.

    For hoods with excellent fit, Western Sporting offers them in sizes for all hawks, from kestrel and merlin sizes for males and females to sizes that fit male and female eagles. An especially abundant selection of hoods in the size ranges for gyrfalcons, peregrines, and red-tails is offered. Western Sporting offers falconry hoods made according to Rollins sizing charts as well as original hoods made by Ken Hooke, Steve Tait, and other well-known craftsmen. We even offer custom-made falconry hoods for your special requests.

    In addition to the many styles, colors, and sizes of falconry hoods in the Western Sporting inventory, you’ll find hoodmaking supplies that include quality leather (sheep skiver, kip, iguana), outdoor breathable material braces in several widths, awls and other tools, and a complete range of Rollins hood blocks and patterns. For protection of your falconry hoods in the field, hood protectors of several sizes can be ordered at our website as well.