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    Falconry Leashes

    Falconry Leashes

    Of all the gear necessary for falconry, leashes may be the piece of equipment most susceptible to wear. Bating and other movements of the hawk make them subject to pulling, straining, biting, and tearing. The temperament of the hawk and its handling by a caring falconer will certainly affect the degree to which a leash will be tested, but there is no doubt that falconry leashes must be durable, made correctly of proper materials, and be of appropriate size and weight for the hawk.

    Western Sporting offers and recommends leashes of several styles and materials. The prices, sizes, materials, and colors of our inventory vary to fit your hawk and your budget. All of our leashes have been designed, researched, and tested within Western Sporting and in consultation with falconers in the field. For the smallest merlin to the largest eagle, we have the size you are looking for, in addition to jesses, extenders, and swivels you need. For flat-braided, round-braided, and square-braided leashes sold individually, and for leashes sold as part of a complete tethering system, please see our complete inventory of falconry leashes.

    If you are looking for falconry leashes that are strong, dense, virtually indestructible and will last several seasons, we offer the very best including those made from a durable Dacron/polyester blend. Along with traditional falconry leashes, our inventory includes the fox-style looped type. These fox leashes are also available in the durable Dacron/polyester blend. Complete information to help in selecting the correct size falconry leash for your hawk is available in the product descriptions on our website. We even offer customers the opportunity to request custom falconry leashes made according to their own exact specifications.