Precision-Cut Leather Bewits - Two Widths Available - Universal Fit

Precision-Cut Leather Bewits - Two Widths Available - Universal Fit

    Price: $3.95

    Code: FE2005

    Weight: 0.01 pounds

    Precision-Cut Leather Bewits

    These bewits are cut from our heavy weight, high-quality kangaroo leather and can be used as either a permanent or removable means of attaching equipment. Using Hemostats (FE5185) to aid in removing the bewits can make it a much easier task. Two widths are available: 1/4" and 5/16". Each set of bewits is greased and comes with instructions for attachment.

    Fitting the Bewits:

    There are two pre-punched holes in each pair of bewits. Slide the bell or transmitter to the center of the bewit strap, make sure it is between the two pre-punched holes. Insert the opposite end of the bewit strap through the center hole and pull it through itself to attach the bell or transmitter to the bewit strap.

    To attach the bewit to the hawk, put it around the leg above the anklet and insert the opposing end through the second pre-punched hole. Pull the bewit through itself until it is as snug as desired on the hawk's leg. Make a mark on the bewit strap that opposes the pre-punched hole. The mark will be located just beyond where the bewit strap comes through itself. Remove the bewit and punch a hole at the marked spot using a hole punch that is of the same diameter as the pre-punched holes. Place the bewit back on the hawk's leg in the same manner as before, this time pull the opposing end through the third hole that has been punched. This will lock the bewit in place and keep it from becoming loose.

    If the bewit is intended for permanent attachment, trim the ends off just beyond the third hole. A rivet or a dot of super glue can also be added to the two ends to permanently secure them together but generally this should not be necessary.

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