Falconry Bags

Falconry bags go everywhere a falconer goes with his or her hawk. They serve as a means of easily transporting the items needed when a falconer is in the field on a hawking excursion. A well-designed falconry bag has pockets for anything and everything including: training aids, a lure, whistle, transmitter batteries, extra jesses, weather meter, signal finder, altimeter, hawk vitamins, dog treats, a pigeon, game bags, game, and a place to attach a hood saver.

The material of a falconry bags should be durable, as should any zippers and snaps. Western Sporting’s are made of sturdy heavy-duty black or brown cordura with a wide strap. These bags feature a large game pouch that is fitted with mesh panels. These help to keep game or pigeons cool and they are opened or closed with a zipper that is easy to operate from the front with one hand. The falconry bag’s generous pockets allow for the carrying of all items, including hunting permits. While sturdy and strong, they are also lightweight.

Western Sporting’s falconry bags will be especially appreciated by falconers who bring home rabbits or other large quarry. The durability, functionality, and affordable price of the falconry bag make them an excellent choice for the falconer.


Kangaroo Skin Glove - Dark Brown Medium Duty with Medium Length (5995)
Price: $59.95
Hawking Bag: Exclusive Western Sporting - Introductory Offer on New Design - 3-Compartment Bag
Price: $69.95
Heavy Duty Eagle Gauntlet. Black in S, M, L, XL - See More Info
Price: $54.95
Long Cuff Cowhide Gauntlet - Extra Heavy Duty Use - Great for Grippy Hawks (4295)
Price: $42.95
"Austringer" Medium Cuff Cowhide Black Gauntlet - Medium, Heavy Duty Use (3995)
Price: $39.95
Deer Skin Glove - Medium/Heavy Short Cuff - Color: Dark Brown Color (5495)
Price: $54.95
Long Cuff Elk Hide Gauntlet - Medium to Heavy Duty Use - Very Popular Style (5495)
Price: $54.95
Heavy Duty Eagle Gauntlet. Brown in S, M, L, XL - See More Info
Price: $54.95