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    Falconry Swivel

    Falconry Swivel

    A falconry swivel is important because it keeps the leash from tangling. Without a swivel, it doesn’t take much movement from the hawk before the tethering system becomes twisted and snarled, entangling the hawk and endangering it. A swivel needs to be strong and durable so it can withstand both the elements and the hawk’s bating.

    The correct falconry swivel is crucial for a safe, proper practice. The size, type, and material of the swivel must be correctly chosen. Western Sporting offers Sampo, bell-shaped, and barrel swivels, each in a variety of sizes. A falconry swivel must be the correct size for the tethering system in use, and a falconer must know the signs of wear that appear with time so that it can be replaced well in advance of any possibility of failure.

    At Western Sporting, you’ll find the swivels you need to practice safe falconry. One standard, the stainless steel ball-bearing Sampo swivel, is available in more sizes from Western Sporting than from any other falconry supplier. We offer five choices of large Sampo swivels, four choices of medium and small Sampo swivels. Design and functionality are serious matters, and we confidently offer the falconry swivels you are seeking for the best care and handling of your hawk. Our selection allows you to build your own tethering system or to purchase a complete system that includes a leash, jesses, an extender, and a swivel. All falconry gear collections must include swivels, and most falconers keep extra swivels on hand. We offer everything from kestrel swivels to eagle swivels for your falconry gear collection.