Falconry Telemetry

A falconry telemetry system is comprised of a 1) transmitter that transmits a signal and is worn by the hawk and 2) a receiver that receives the signal and is held by the falconer. In the days before radio telemetry existed, a falconer had to rely mainly on the sound of the hawk’s bells to find the hawk if it went astray while chasing prey or did not return for any other reason. Today, with the tracking capability of falconry telemetry, modern falconry allows much greater chances of finding a hawk that is lost or missing.

At Western Sporting, three types of falconry telemetry systems, each made by a different company, are available. The three leading companies whose products are for sale at Western Sporting are L.L. Electronics, Merlin Systems, and Marshall Radio Telemetry. We not only carry their receivers and transmitters, but you will find a complete line of falconry telemetry accessories at Western Sporting as well. These items include yagi antennas, boosters, transmitter testers, battery testers, cases, holsters, headphones, trackpacks, tail mounting tools, antennas, and discount-priced batteries.

In the United States, the radio frequency of a falconry telemetry system is most commonly 216 megahertz, but it can vary depending on a falconer’s location. Other frequencies are in use in the United States and throughout the world. For a complete line of products in any frequency you’re seeking for your system, please see the radio telemetry portion of our website. Western Sporting offers transmitters for any size hawk (merlin to eagle) and for hunting dogs as well. The accessories you need for neck mounts, tail mounts, or backpack mounted transmitters are also available.

Radio Telemetry

L.L. LF-1 Merlin Special Transmitter - IN-STOCK NOW - Leg or Neck Mount
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L.L. XLF-3 / 4.5 Volt Transmitter - In-Stock - Cannister Type Body
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L.L. Electronics XLF-3 / 3 Volt Transmitter - Extremely Reliable
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RT UHF Transmitter - 434 MHz: Leg & Tail - Use with the GPS System
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Black Cable Ties for Falconry - Package of 100 - Many Uses in Falconry
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