Falconry Transmitter

Radio telemetry has transformed the practice of falconry in the modern world. Many a falconer now keeps his/her hawk equipped with a transmitter, the most basic piece of falconry telemetry. To select a falconry transmitter, there are several points to consider. These include: the company that makes the product, the style, the price, and the reliability of the transmitter. At Western Sporting, you will find falconry transmitters from L.L. Electronics, Marshall Radio Telemetry, and Merlin Systems. All three of these companies have excellent reputations for innovation and reliability.

Another factor affecting the decision to buy a falconry transmitter is the type of hawk that will wear it. Western Sporting has a complete size range of falconry transmitters including very small transmitters for merlins and kestrels. The power and range of a falconry transmitter are also important. Therefore, the type of flights your hawk makes and the type of terrain where you are hawking can further affect your decision.

The style of mounting depends on the type of hawk, but also on the falconer’s preference and experience. The leg or bewit mount, the tail mount, the neck mount, and the trackpack method are all possibilities. A falconer should know in advance which method will be used in order to purchase the correct type of falconry transmitter. Some types can potentially be mounted in more than one way, but others are limited to only one type of mounting method.

Radio Telemetry

L.L. Electronics Tail Clips - Tail Mount Assembly - Attach to Feather
Price: $5.49
Marshall PowerPoint - HP Tracking Collar - Lighted Model
Price: $199.95
Marshall Spare Replacement Antennas for MICRO Transmitters
Price: $8.95
Field Marshall 800 Receiver - 80 Transmitters - 4 Bands with HSL Antenna
Price: $894.95
L L Electronics - NEW LF-4 - Short Antenna - Powerful & Long Lasting
Price: $174.95
Marshall Spare Cap - Transmitter Models for Marshall Radio
Price: $14.95
Marshall Omni - Directional Whip Antenna - 216 VHF & 434 UHF
Price: $84.95
L.L. XLF-3 / 4.5 Volt Transmitter - In-Stock - Cannister Type Body
Price: $164.95