Falconry Apprentice

To become a falconer in the United States, a 2-year period as a Falconry Apprentice is required. An apprentice works with a sponsor who oversees the falconry apprenticeship. For a complete set of requirements, a potential falconry apprentice must contact the state game department. Then, one must pass a test regarding these requirements. Western Sporting recommends and offers the following aids to assist in passing the falconry apprentice test:

The California Hawking Club (CHC) has a manual and study guide that are the most complete references available to the falconry apprentice. Regardless of the state where a falconry apprentice lives, these references have the information needed to pass the falconry exam the apprentice is studying for. The CHC Apprentice Manual is a wealth of information presented in a concise, straightforward manner. Western Sporting recommends reading this manual for a clear understanding of falconry basics. An accompanying CHC Apprentice Study Guide contains sample test questions based on the Manual.

For a falconry apprentice, a mews inspection is required. For instructions about the mews and other equipment, there is an excellent manual sold by Western Sporting titled Falconry Equipment by Kimsey and Hodge.

Once on your way as a falconry apprentice, join the many beginners who have trapped hawks using a Western Sporting bal-chatri. We have designed this trap with ease of use in mind, offering it in complete or kit form. Western Sporting offers many additional beginning and apprentice falconry books and DVDs plus all the equipment needed for starting your journey as a falconer.

All Falconry Apprentice

The Imprint Accipiter II, M. McDermott, 6 x 9, Hardbound, 272 pages (R)
Price: $54.95
The Book Collection of Ryan Walden - Individual Books for Sale
Price: $5.00
Working Ferrets - Jackie Drakeford, Softbound, 118 pages
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Rabbit Hawker's Dogs - Edited by Bill Oakes, Softbound, 155 pages
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The Passage Falcon, B. Dalton, Hardbound, Dust Wrapper, 175 pages
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Falconry - Gilbert Blaine, Limited Edition Preprint. Hardbound, 253 pages
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Duck Hawking and the Art of Falconry by Joe Roy III, Hardbound, 286 pages
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Hunting with Harris Hawks - Bob Dalton, Softbound, 135 pages
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