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    Falconry Traps

    Falconry Traps

    Falconry traps in several styles, replacement nooses and nets, and the trapping accessories any falconer needs are among the inventory at Western Sporting. We offer our own original bal-chatri, dho ghazza, and phai designs. All of these traps are made and tested right here at Western Sporting. We make them in sizes that are suitable for both large and small hawks; for shortwings, longwings, and broadwings. We’ve got the falconry trap for the hawk you’re after!

    For the apprentice looking for a redtail, we offer the bal-chatri in a kit or as a completed trap. For the merlin falconer, we have the dho-ghazza trap with nets of small mesh size, each available in black or white or sand color. Our dho-ghazza, whether for a large or a small hawk has been designed for quick setup and take down. This falconry trap is all ready for you when you pull it out of the box. Our phai traps are also offered in two sizes and are shipped to you ready for use.

    We have spare nooses, noose line, nets, kits, abbas, instructions, books, and DVDs. We highly recommend Trapping Essentials, a manual for anyone wanting to learn or review the basics of falconry trapping. Among our DVD collection, two are especially recommended for trappers; these titles are Introduction to Trapping and Taking the Gos.

    Each of our raptor trap designs has brought a good report from customers using them in the field. The falconry traps and information available from Western Sporting bring you as close to guaranteed success in trapping as you will come.