Falconry Perches

Western Sporting specializes in falconry perches. Every perch in our inventory has been carefully engineered and designed by Western Sporting for safety, functionality, and durability. The falconry perches available from Western Sporting include block, ring, bow, portable, traditional, wrapped, perches for small and medium and large hawks, rotating, stainless steel, indoor, outdoor, dual purpose, spikes for perches, and bags and cases for perches.

A falconry perch must be properly designed to prevent the hawk from becoming entangled in its tethering system. It must be of the correct style for the hawk; this is for purposes of cleanliness and protection of tail feathers and toes. It must be of the appropriate size for the hawk, both the overall dimensions of the perch and the thickness of any metal portions. The material used to make it must be durable and able to withstand extremes of temperature and moisture. The perch surface should be one that will not harm the hawk’s feet, but be soft and comfortable and free of irritants.

For the latest modern styles and materials in falconry perches or for a tried and true traditional perch design, please check out the selection available from Western Sporting. For all hawks from kestrel size to eagle size, and for broadwings, shortwings, and longwings, we have at least one and more likely several from which you can choose.

All Perches & Bath Pans

Stainless Rotating Ring Perch for Outdoor Use - Beautiful Construction (28051708)
Price: $199.95
Rubber: Measures 17" Across and 4' Deep, Very Tough Bath Pan
Price: $19.95
Long-leaf Astroturf - 1 ft x 3 ft Standard Size - Deep Pile Astro Turf
Price: $14.85
Deluxe Wooden Giant Hood - Precision CNC Cutting, High Quality Closure and Hinges (35290664)
Price: $179.95
Durable Raptor Bath Pan - Small, Medium & Large - Economical & Sturdy
Price: $9.95
Stainless Rotating Ring Perch for Indoor Use - Great for Road Trips or New Hawk (17170516)
Price: $239.95
Jump-Up Exercise Platform for Falcons - Dual Purpose, Two Colors
Price: $29.95
Stainless Steel Block Spike - Highest Quality - Falconry Spike
Price: $69.95