Perch-Rite - Bow Perch - High Grade Stainless Steel - With Rope Wrapping

Perch-Rite - Bow Perch - High Grade Stainless Steel - With Rope Wrapping

    Price: $169.95

    Code: FE2190

    Weight: 9.00 pounds

    Western Sporting's Stainless Steel 1/2" Bow Perch with rope wrapping is ideal for most all hawks. It is the commonly used for the Red-tailed, Cooper's, Goshawks, Harris's and all similar sized hawks. (General Dimensions: 29" Wide & 12 Inches High with 11" Spikes for sticking in the ground. The rope wrapping is 1/2" in diameter. This is a lifetime investment and that's how long it will last.

    Like our Ring Perch, the Bow Perch is made of a high-grade stainless steel and carefully designed in an AutoCAD program to meet the exact needs of falconers. Even the leash rings are custom-made stainless - why tie your hawk to anything else? The tungsten inert gas welded (TIG) joints are simply perfection and completed by a master welder. [Our welder normally makes high-grade bits and spurs for the equine industry and his company has a worldwide reputation for quality innovative products [(Balding's Bits & Spurs, Sheridan, WY. USA (] After constructing the perch, it is glass-bead blasted to give it a very attractive long lasting satin finish.

    What does this all mean? Quite simply, this is the best, most durable, functional and long-lasting perch any short-winged raptor will ever occupy. Check out prices and you will see that it is also the best deal available.

    Bow perches are shipped in a separate box from your other products ordered.