Falconry Kits

For most seasoned falconers, the standard items kept handy in a kit include spare hoods, swivels, jesses, leashes, an extra lure or two, spare batteries for transmitters and other telemetry, hole punches, leather, grommets, an extra glove, and jess grease. These items are all found at Western Sporting’s website under Falconry Equipment.

Western Sporting bal-chatri traps are sold in completed form with all necessary parts included, and they are also sold as kits with wire nooses and crimping sleeves. This allows a falconer to put nooses on the trap to the exact size that best fits his or her needs.

In addition, Western Sporting offers a Coping Kit. It has complete supplies needed for coping the beaks and talons of hawks of any size. It includes a booklet of detailed instructions with accompanying photographs. Another falconry kit offered by Western Sporting is the Balloon and Kite Release Package. This kit includes items selected by Western Sporting that are lightweight and reliable and make use of the system foolproof. It includes illustrated instructions.

All Falconry Kits

Lock Stitch Sewing Awl - Easy to Use - Very Handy For Repairing Gloves or Bags
Price: $28.95
DB Scientific Jess Grease - 3.5 Fluid Ounces, See More Info
Price: $14.95
Leather Hole Punch with Hardened Cutting Edge - Perfectly Round Anklet Holes
Price: $8.95
Rotary Cutter Replacement Blades - Western Sporting, Long-Lasting, Easy to Install
Price: $11.95
Vise-Grip Grommet Setters & Grommets - 4 Sizes - Each with Grommets
Price: $39.95
6 Piece Changeable Hollow Punch Set - Three Sizes Match Our Grommets
Price: $23.95
Replacement Needles - Lock-Stitch Sewing Awl - Two Sizes Available
Price: $6.95
X-Acto #1 - Light Duty Cutting & Trimming Knife & Blades
Price: $6.95