Falconry Gloves

Falconry gloves are essential from the very first moment of practicing falconry. Even before obtaining a hawk, falconers should acquire gloves and shape them to their hands. Then they must treat them appropriately so they provide protection for the falconer and the security of familiarity for the hawk. It is important to know how to properly choose and care for them.

A falconer who is right-handed wears the glove on the left hand. Left-handed falconers wear it on the right hand. The glove should fit well, being snug without being tight. To provide for the best possible fit, a sizing chart is included on the Western Sporting website. Care and replacement information is also given.

The glove is sometimes known as a gauntlet when the cuff extends up the arm. They are made out of cow, calf, elk, goat, deer, and other types of leather. The final product may be considered heavy-duty or light-duty, depending on the thickness of the leather and whether there are areas of double layers. The thread may also be of a special type. The general design, shape, and fit of all falconry gloves sold by Western Sporting are our own creations. Each pattern and size offered by Western Sporting is carefully tested for fit and durability. The final selection of a glove depends on the hawk, the falconer’s hand, and to some extent, the falconer’s level of experience.

The parts of a glove that define it as a falconry glove include the tassel, the D-ring, the cuff, and the double-layer area. Whether for beginners, experienced falconers, wildlife rehabilitators, or zookeepers, Western Sporting has the product for the task at hand!


Glove: Goat Skin "The Traditional" Short Cuff Color: Dark Brown Size
Price: $29.95
Plastic bags for Quarry and Game Meat, 4 Sizes, See More Info
Price: $9.95
Heavy Duty Eagle Gauntlet. Black in S, M, L, XL - See More Info
Price: $54.95
Long Cuff Cowhide Gauntlet - Extra Heavy Duty Use - Great for Grippy Hawks
Price: $42.95
Long Cuff Elk Hide Gauntlet - Medium to Heavy Duty Use - Very Popular Style
Price: $54.95
Medium Cuff Deer Skin Glove - Light Duty - Comfortable for Small Hawks
Price: $32.95
Short Cuff Elk Hide Gauntlet - Medium to Heavy Duty Use - Soft and Tough
Price: $44.95
Deer Skin Glove - Medium/Heavy Short Cuff Color: Natural Color
Price: $54.95