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    Weight Management Concept Card by Matt Mullenix

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      Weight Management Concept Card by Matt Mullenix
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      Durable laminated cards come with detailed instructions, teaching suggestions and a digital spreadsheet with sample data.

      A New Tool for Weight Management 


      Will your hawk be on weight at hunting time? No need to guess. This interactive, easy-to-use new tool takes the mystery out of managing any captive raptor's flying weight and provides a solid grounding in the theory and practice of Harry McElroy's 22-Hour Weight Management system.

      Note: Please see above quantity discounts for clubs, groups, or friends. 

      Here is a README pdf file with instructions: Weight Management README

      Here is a README Excel file Spreadsheet with supplementary data: Weight Management Concept by the Numbers.xlsx

      The first in a series of innovative teaching aids developed by Four Falconry Fundamentals author Matt Mullenix, this product helps novice falconers grasp (and experienced falconers explain) the cornerstones of effective weight management. Use this unique tool to understand:

      *  How to reach a raptor's optimal response weight at a predetermined hour

      *  How to calculate an average hourly rate of weight loss

      *  How to feed the right amount following a hunt

      With an intuitive design that highlights a hunting hawk's daily flying, feeding and resting schedule, this card models the internal process of metabolism that brings a trained raptor reliably back to its best response weight. Using these visual elements and a simple formula explained on the card itself, any falconer can calculate a hawk's average hourly weight loss and accurately forecast its weight the following day.


      Master the technique in minutes, and teach it to anyone!

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