Four Falconry Fundamentals - Matt Mullenix - Fine Tune Your Falconry

Four Falconry Fundamentals - Matt Mullenix - Fine Tune Your Falconry

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    Four Falconry Fundamentals: 6 x 9, Full Color, 68 pp.

    Prey Base, Husbandary, Recall & Slip Management

    "Part troubleshooter, part owner's manual, Four Falconry Fundamentals strips away the sport's layers of inherent complexity and tradition to reveal its cornerstone concerns: prey base; husbandry; recall; and slip management. Drawing from more than 35 years of successful field experience, Mullenix guides the reader through each fundamental aspect of the sport and how it relates to important considerations, like: choice of a hawk; weight management; entering and finally, measuring success. Concise and highly readable, this small book hopes to start conversations, inspire new ways of thinking and improve falconers' practice and enjoyment of their sport." 

    An excellent new addition to the must read list for Falconers. Clear and concise, the concepts within should guide any falconer to a successful season year after year.

    Hey Matt,

           Isaac Nichols here. Used to fly a Harris at sparrows in Japan if you remember me. Been awhile (10+ years maybe)! I'm still at it, have moved around a few times and am now in Virginia flying a RT on squirrels.

           Anyway, got a copy of your latest for Christmas and just wanted to reach out and say how great I thought it was. Short,  succinct, and an excellent foundation for beginners, yet the framework you lay out is beneficial for even the most seasoned falconer. One of those things that is probably in the back of most falconers minds but never articulated. And you articulate it so well! Thorough enjoyed it and I've already recommended it to several falconers out here. It'll be a must read for anyone that looks to me as a sponsor. Master the principles in that book and the work of the sponsor is pretty minimal! Well done!! 

          Thanks for a great read! Hope you're having a great season and Happy Holidays!