Apprentice Deluxe Kit - For Red-tailed Hawks & Harris' Hawks - Save $100.00

Apprentice Deluxe Kit - For Red-tailed Hawks & Harris' Hawks - Save $100.00

    Price: $595.95

    Code: FE5102

    Apprentice Deluxe Kit: All items are high quality and designed to go the distance.

    This product will arrive as 3-Box Shipment: The Apprentice Deluxe Kit is a collection of the essential equipment needed for the beginning apprentice falconer who intends to train a Red-tailed Hawk, Harris' Hawk or similar species. This kit contains all the same equipment as the Apprentice Basics Kit plus the additional equipment listed below. There is enough kangaroo leather included in this kit to make 6 heavy duty jesse and anklet sets. Save $100.00 with this kit.

    GLOVE SIZES: (Measurement around palm of hand without thumb.)

    Small: 7 - 8 inch circumference
    Medium: 8 - 8 1/2 inch circumference
    Large: 8 1/2 - 9 1/2 inch circumference
    X-Large: 9 1/2 - 10 1/2 inch circumference

    CHOOSING A FALCONRY BAG (FE1382) : The correct falconry bag will be opposite from the hand that holds the hawk. For example a falconer who wears their glove on the left hand uses a Falconry Bag on their right side. (LEFT HAND GLOVE = RIGHT SIDE BAG)


    Male Harris' Hawk: 53mm, 54mm, 55mm, 56mm
    Female Harris' Hawk: 57mm, 58mm, 59mm, 60mm, 61mm

    Male Red-tailed Hawk (Western): 58mm, 59mm, 60mm, 61mm (Eastern) 62mm, 63mm
    Female Red-tailed Hawk (Western): 62mm, 63mm, 64mm (Eastern) 65mm, 66mm

    Please have your sponsor help you choose the correct size of hood for the hawk that you are training.

    Additional items included in this Deluxe Kit:

    • Western Sporting Falconry Bag (FE1382)
    • Large Digital Scale (FE2313A)
    • Large Bow Perch (FE2187)
    • Dutch Hood (FE1197)
    • Western Sporting Hood Protector (FE1184)

    This kit also includes items in the Basic Kit:

    • Crimp-type Grommet Setter (5/16") w/ Grommets (FE5124)
    • 5/16" Hole Punch (FE5123)
    • Metal Safety Ruler (FE5360)
    • X-Acto #1 Cutting and Trimming Knife (FE5130)
    • Rotary Hole Punch (FE5108)
    • Kangaroo Leather- Black
    • Braided Leash 1040# (FE2009A)
    • Acme Thunderer Whistle (SD3050)
    • Lanyard (SD3046)
    • Creance (FE3004)
    • Lay Flat Lure- Medium (FE2901)
    • 2 Large Sampo Swivels (FE1102A)
    • Austringer Glove (FE1290A)
    • Large Plastic Bath Pan (FE2405B)
    • Two Tone Acorn Bells (FE1137)
    • Jess and Anklet Templates for making your own. (FE5103)

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