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    Pro-Vital Yarak - 2 Sizes Available - Performance Command Stimulus

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      Purchase Pro-Vital Yarak - 2 Sizes Available - Performance Command Stimulus

      Pro-Vital Yarak - 2 Sizes Available - Performance Command Stimulus
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      SALE PRICE: 4 or 8 Ounce Packages with limited quantities available.

      This nutritional supplement was created for the Trained Raptor to assist efficiency in digestion of foods. This product will increase response to command and will allow trained Raptors to fly at a higher weight. It will allow the falconer to feed a larger crop to their birds and be in Yarak the next day. Product has a flavor that Birds of Prey enjoy. Included in this product are the nutritious yeast growth media. Use during Raptor Yarak during the training or hunting season. This product will revive the appetite of your raptor by enhancing the digestion of food. The beneficial micro-organisms, the digestive enzymes and L Carnitine are some of the ingredients that will stimulate that appetite and awaken the response to your command either during the hunt, while training, or readiness in the next day after the hunt.

      4 oz: $21.95
      8 oz: $36.95

      By being able to feed a larger crop, your bird will perform with a stronger flight and a healthier life.


      1. Maltodextrin
      2. Live yeast, producers of digestive enzymes
      3. Probiotics, producers of digestive enzymes
      4. Specific digestive enzymes from microbial origin for the digestion of Protein and Fat(Protease/Lipase)
      5. L Carnitine, intracellular transporter of fats allowing energy for muscle, and mantaining muscle temperature low during flight for better performance and endurance. It will also keep birds lean.

      Use at the rate of 0.5 to 1 gram of product per 454 grams of body weight. Mix with food.
      Indication: Use every day during training or hunting season.
      Can be used with other Pro-Vital products.

      All the ingredients have been scientifically proven to work. There is no guess work on the part of the falconer. Make sure the hawk is going to perform at its best, so you can enjoy your sport to the fullest.

      Here's a tip: Find an empty spice container or salt shaker in your kitchen cupboard and use it to dispense Pro-Vital on your hawk's meals.

      Storage: Cool dry area. Keep container tightly sealed.

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