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    Pro-Vital Moulting & Breeding - 8 Ounce  - Complete Nutrition

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      Purchase Pro-Vital Moulting & Breeding - 8 Ounce - Complete Nutrition

      Pro-Vital Moulting & Breeding - 8 Ounce - Complete Nutrition
      SKU: FE4145




      Supplement designed for the moulting and first 6 months of life for a new hawk.

      At Mission Falcons we live by the standard practice of supplementing high quality, Wild Starlings and Day Old Chicks with Pro-Vital Breeder Formula on a daily basis.  We experience high fertility and hatch rates and produce Falcons of excellent quality as a result.  Pro Vital is a key element!   Scott Larsen, Mission Falcons, Idaho

      NOTE ON RAISING EYASSES: The manufacturer suggests falconers use Raptor Breeder for the first 6 month of age and then can switch to the boost for the hunting season. Provital.

      8 oz: $49.95

      The product has been manufactured to be used as topping on the food. Pro-Vital RAPTOR BREEDER & MOULTING supplement has all of the necessary ingredients for a healthy and sound breeding & moulting period with nothing else needed. It has been created as a complete supplement for the parents, eyas & flying raptor. This product not only has the necessary ingredients for the parents and the eyas, but we have taken extra care to include all of those ingredients needed by the embryo in its development. Fertility also involves the make up of the egg and development of the embryo.

      So, what is inside Pro-Vital Raptor Moulting & Breeding:

      • Malto Dextrin: a high energy carbohydrate to build strength during the breeding season.
      • All the necessary vitamins (13 in total) to provide the parents, egg, and embryo, with a more than adequate supply of nutrients for a productive breeding season and a healthy life. Breeding is not only the mating of the parents, but the nutrients in the egg, development of the embryo, and the healthy growth and development of the chick.
      • All the necessary chelated minerals and amino acids to produce a good breeding response and a healthy growth of the embryo.
      • An array of Probiotic's (live micro-encapsulated beneficial bacteria) to stimulate the immune system and help produce digestive enzymes. Digestive enzymes specifically target proteins, mixed carbohydrates, and fats. This will increase digestibility of all foods, providing the parents and young with a higher quality nutritional plane.
      • L-Carnitine, provides that extra energy from muscle fat to be used for breeding, health, growth, and development. L-Carnitine will also assist in preventing obesity.
      • Pro-Vital's Bio-Tag, an oligosaccharide which assists in preventing disease caused by E. Coli and Salmonella. This product produces an affinity to intestinal pathogens binding and eliminating them through the feces, minimizing the possibility of disease.
      • Fatty acids, assist in the development of the immune system, development of the chick, and aids in a sound reproductive state.
      • Proteins to assist in the growth of the embryo-chick cycle.
      • Live yeast to assist in growth and development.
      • Electrolytes to combat dehydration and stress.
      • Amino acids (building blocks of proteins) to assure a healthy growth, and sound reproduction.


      Here's a tip: Find an empty spice container or salt shaker in your kitchen cupboard and use it to dispense Pro-Vital on your hawk's meals.

      Dosage: Sprinkle food with approximately 1/8 of a teaspoon per 100 grams (3.5 ounces) of body weight per day. Use daily. Amount can be increased or decreased, but do not increase more than 25%. Always maintain a balanced diet. After first egg has been laid, can decrease amount 50% to diminish mating instinct. Can administer every other day if instinct persists. Can be used all year. After hatching, amount can be increased. To accustom taste, begin the first feedings with 1/4 of the amount mentioned. Supplement eyas from first day at regular dose.

      Storage: Cool dry area, Keep container tightly sealed.

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