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    Getting Started

    Getting Started

    Western Sporting specializes in helping those interested in becoming a falconer. We can help the aspiring falconer with the essential steps and also help with high quality equipment to meet the needs of the falconer as they progress through this fascinating sport. We are generally the first stop for a great many falconers across this country and the world.

    Getting Started

    1. Join Your State Club

    Join your state club right away to receive their newsletter and connect with falconers in your state.
    Find Your State Club

    2. Meet Falconers

    Go meet these falconers, learn more about falconry, and see a few trained hawks. Your local falconers will help you understand about life with a hawk and the types of other demands it might make on you and family members.

    3. Take The Test

    We have created a small package of reading material that will give the prospective falconer a good grounding in falconry and fully prepare one for the entrance test.
    Purchase Study Materials

    4. Find A Sponsor

    Now it is time to locate your falconry sponsor, gather your equipment and build your own hawk house.

    5. Trap Your Hawk

    Trap your hawk and begin the journey into one of the most fantastic of all hunting activities.

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    From Trap to Hunt: Training a Red-tailed Hawk for Falconry.

    Hawking with Marshall Davis.

    We hope you'll love this sport as much as we do! Good Hawking!