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    BioThane Coated Webbing - Synthetic Anklet Material For Hawks & Falcons

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      Purchase BioThane Coated Webbing - Synthetic Anklet Material For Hawks & Falcons

      BioThane Coated Webbing - Synthetic Anklet Material For Hawks & Falcons
      SKU: FE5003A


      Choose Width: Chart Below:



      Note: We have been asked about the mounting of the bell in the picture above. The thicker rubber tubing shown in the picture is actually a carburetor gas hose used on small gasoline engines. It is thicker, softer and more durable than the normal tubing and is available at your local hardware shop. Simply fix in place with a good quality electrical cable tie.

      Material Size / Color: 2 feet of matte brown colored BioThane. See Size Chart Below

      BioThane Coated Webbing:
      -Coated surface, easy to clean, & hygienic
      -Weather and abrasion resistant
      -Professional, high-quality, finished appearance
      -Low maintenance, saving time and money
      -Has the high-quality "look" of leather with the long-lasting benefits of BioThane.

      BioThane is a high-quality strapping material used for a variety of applications, including the medical industry. Falconry tests during the last 3 - 4 years show that the material holds up extremely well when worn by hawks and those wearing the test material have yet to need changing.

      Size Chart:
      1/2 Inch - (Grommet Size 00 / 3/16" @ $4.95): Kestrel, Merlin, Sharp-shinned Hawk, or similar.

      5/8 Inch - (Grommet Size 0 / 1/4" @ $5.95): Cooper's Hawk, Barbary Falcon, male Hybrid, male Harris', or similar.

      3/4 Inch - (Grommet Size 1 / 5/16" @ $6.95): Female Peregrine, male Red-tail, Female Harris', Gyrfalcon, male Ferruginous, or similar.

      1" Inch - (Grommet Size 2 / 3/8" @ $7.95): Female Ferruginous or Red-tail, other large hawks, or similar.

      Cutting and fitting:
      BioThane should be cut with a sharp Exacto knife to the desired length. This material does not stretch or deteriorate over time and this resiliency means the anklet needs to be cut slightly longer prior to fixing to the hawk's leg. Leather molds to a round form around the leg over time and BioThane maintains its tear-drop shape on into the future-this is the reason for making it slightly longer. In short, make sure it is loose enough that no force is required to make it swivel around the leg when first fitted. When properly fitted, the anklet will also hang just a bit rather than be snug around the leg.

      The grommet can be gently pushed into the material to mark the location of the hole and it can be punched with the appropriate size punch or nipped out with a standard rotary-hole punch.

      In the trials with this material it has been shown that cutting slits along the edge of the anklet have not been necessary.

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