Raven Nest Gyrfalcons - Art Print - by Hans J. Peeters - See Larger Image

Raven Nest Gyrfalcons -  Art Print - by Hans J. Peeters - See Larger Image

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    Signed & numbered limited edition of 500. The North American Raptor Breeders' Association presents "Raven Nest Gyrfalcons". This is the second in a series of five prints. Hans Peeters' portrays a family of gyrfalcons in an abandoned raven's nest overlooking the Kohsoak Riviere in northern Quebec. The female is offering her 2 week old chick a ptarmigan tidbit. The male, ever alert for danger, patiently awaits his turn to feed his offspring a snow bunting. The eyrie is exposed to the extravagant brilliance of an arctic sunset. Subtle warm tones of direct & refracted light are pervasive. Shades of ocher highlight the rock face, while soft yellows and purples reflect from the plumage of the white falcon. The blue-grey gerkin assumes a creamy buff cast suffused with an amber glow. Peeters' painting was inspired by R. Berry's photos of nesting gyrfalcons in the arctic and in captivity. It is scrupulously accurate from nuances in plumage detail to urate enriched lichens. A gull tarsus & ptarmigan flight feather adorn the nest. The print also reminds us that the far north, while lonely & remote & sometimes harsh, has only the appearance of emptiness. Measures: 22 1/2" x 29".