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    The Falconer's Creed - by Kristine and Allan Marshall - High-Quality Embossing

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      Purchase The Falconer's Creed - by Kristine and Allan Marshall - High-Quality Embossing

      The Falconer's Creed - by Kristine and Allan Marshall - High-Quality Embossing
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      Ltd. English Language Edition of 1275, Measures 16 1/4" x 20 1/4"
      The Falconer's Creed was designed to be a celebration of the sport of falconry. From coast to coast, country to country, all around the world, falconers share very similar beliefs about the sport, and have a deep respect and reverence for birds of prey and nature. The creed and artwork took over three years to complete.

      Artwork by Alexander Lavdovsky, an engraver who emigrated from his native Czechoslovakia to Canada, bringing with him old world engraving and printing skills. He has a special appreciation of nature and animals that has been a focal point of his embossed greeting cards and has made him sought after by clients for commissioned works and personal and business stationary since 1977.

      The Falconer's Creed is printed on high end, archival quality paper by Mohawk Fine Paper; Ultra White paper is 130lb for added durability and quality, ensuring crisp edges for both letterpress printing and embossing.

      Falconer's Creed
      I am a falconer. My sport is a passion, a lifestyle, a lifelong learning experience. Its essence can be captured in a moment, a swing of a lure, a stoop, or the perfect slip. Its depth spans over 4000 years. Its art is displayed through the way the birds are flown, equipment used, poems and paintings created, traditions passed from generation to generation, and in stories, both written and oral. I belong to an International brotherhood and sisterhood. Members from around the world welcome each other. Although we may not speak the same dialect we share a common language, communicate through a mutual appreciation of raptors, use similar training and hunting methods, and respect and revere nature. I am a falconer and this is my creed.

      I am a falconer
      I will honour the past and protect the future of falconry to preserve over 4000 years of knowledge and tradition. I will put the interests of the sport and community over my own interests, to realize that, for a short period of time I am a falconer and everything I do should benefit those that come after me.

      I am a falconer
      I will be selfless in my thoughts and actions to conserve habitat and protect both raptors and prey. I will keep the birds in my care safe and ensure they are healthy and flown to their full potential. I will appreciate falconry not just as a sport but as a relationship with nature and a way to teach future generations respect and cooperation for the environment.

      I am a falconer
      I will always be a student of falconry. I will be humble and patient. I will listen, watch and teach others. I will realize that valuable lessons are learned and taught from working with the least skilled falconer and the most skilled master. I will respect and learn from my birds and acknowledge that they will teach me more than I could ever teach them.

      I am a falconer
      I will celebrate the art of falconry. I will recognize the beauty of its creative works and help to maintain its cultural significance and diversity.

      I am a falconer
      I will acknowledge that the enjoyment and strength of my hunting partnership is that a raptor, a symbol of nature's perfection, is willing to hunt with me.