L.L. XLF-3 / 4.5 Volt Transmitter - In-Stock - Cannister Type Body

L.L. XLF-3 / 4.5 Volt Transmitter - In-Stock - Cannister Type Body

    Price: $164.95

    Code: RT2121

    Weight: 0.60 pounds

    Photograph Courtesy of Kate Davis

    L.L. Electronics: Bringing hawks home since 1974!

    L.L. Electronics XLF-3 4.5 Volt Transmitter: Solid engineering, easy to operate, durable and reliable.

    All L.L. Transmitters have been specially tuned and come equipped with our exclusive short 10" antenna.


    Voltage: 4.5v
    Range: 20 - 25 miles
    Life: 3 - 7 days
    Weight: 6.0 to 6.5 grams depending on mounts

    This transmitter can be used as a tail mount or bewit mount and comes with batteries and a tail clip. It also fits on all Marshall tail clips.

    This transmitter is backed by years of experience, research and development, and made using special machined parts and state-of-the-art micro-electronics. These extremely reliable, long range XLF series transmitters are the top of the line. All XLF transmitters have screw type replaceable antennas which can be easily replaced in seconds.

    XLF transmitters are available in 3 volt (RT2120), 4.5 volt (RT2121) and 6 volt (RT2122) models.

    Be sure to choose a channels. Call us to order special frequencies or channels: 1 888 FLY-HAWK

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