Marshall Spare Replacement Antennas for MICRO Transmitters

Marshall Spare Replacement Antennas for <b>MICRO</b> Transmitters

    Price: $8.95

    Code: RT1259B

    Weight: 0.05 pounds

    See RT1259A for Standard Marshall antennas, or RT1259C for Marshall Eagle antennas

    A straight antenna is important to the process of producing a strong signal. If your antennas are kinked or curled and have been straightened out for the last time, you might consider getting a new one to maintain peak performance. These field replaceable antennas screw directly onto the transmitter antenna stud.

    Micro Heavy antennas are thicker and more durable than the Micro Standard antennas. The Micro Heavy antennas can be used on raptors where the transmitter's weight is not as much of a concern.

    Micro Lengths (Cut to Length): ($8.95)
    Micro Tail VHF: 7.25 inches
    Micro Leg VHF: 9 inches
    Micro Tail UHF 8.25 inches

    Micro Leg UHF 8.25 inches

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