TrackPack / Teflon Tape: Micro, Standard, or Eagle Trackpack

TrackPack / Teflon Tape: Micro, Standard, or Eagle Trackpack

    Price: $34.95

    Code: RT1240

    Weight: 0.10 pounds

    This Teflon flat tubular ribbon is a must for constructing a transmitter back pack mount. Each kit contains a mounting plate and enough ribbon to apply the mounting system to a raptor. Replacement ribbon is available for future applications as the plectron may be used again.

    Teflon (and Teflon ribbon) is one the many wonders of this modern world. It was created by the aerospace industry during the race for space. Teflon is bio-chemically inert which means that it does not react with enzymes or proteins (your bird). It is the most friction-free substance known to man. The ideal material for a long-wearing harness that may be worn by your hawk for years.

    The Micro Trackpack is design to fit the Marshall Micro Transmitter whereas the Medium or Eagle Size is appropriate for all other transmitters regardless of manufacturer.

    The transmitter that is going to be mounted on the hawk will determine which size of Trackpack that is needed. Example: The Micro Trackpack can be mounted on any size of raptor, but only accomodates a Micro or other very small transmitters.

    Micro Trackpack: $34.95

    Medium Trackpack: $34.95

    Eagle Trackpack: $39.95

    We have noticed that there is some hesitation when a falconer first uses this telemetry mounting system but once tried they become believers! A falconer should have someone experienced with the application to help attach their first TrackPack.

    Also referred to as Trackpack, Track Pack, Back Pack or Backpack.