RT UHF Transmitter - 434 MHz: Leg & Tail - Use with the GPS System

RT UHF Transmitter - <b>434 MHz:</b> Leg & Tail - Use with the GPS System

    Price: $344.95

    Code: RT1118

    Weight: 0.25 pounds

    Pictured above is RT UHF as a TAIL MOUNT

    Briefly: The RT UHF is designed around the reliable 1/3N battery, which has proven to have a longer life and powerful signal. The RT UHF has a much shorter antenna as the frequency is 434 MHz at only 7" long. It has a magnetic on/off switch and an audible low battery output indicator. Each transmitter comes with a magnetic wand. Range: 9-100 miles depending on circumstances.

    Choose a tail clip size when mounting on a tail feather. See Related Items below or pull-down window above. $8.95


    *Frequency Stability

    *Size: .540" Diameter

    *Weight: 8.8gr Tail Mount

    *Standard Duty Cycle: 30ms 95ppm

    *Apollo 13 Duty Cycle: 12 Hours

    *Operating Temperature: .40F to +150F (w/ new battery)

    *Range: 9 to 100 miles, depending on type of terrain and obstructions.

    *Battery & Battery Life: The RT UHF uses the 1/3N Lithium 3V battery and will transmit for approximately 10 days. The RT UHF will transmit for about 12 hours continuous before a "double beep" every 10 pulses tells you it is time to change the battery. As a backup system it also measures battery voltage in real time, which will warn you should you accidentally put in an old battery.

    *Relative Power: +12db

    *Mounting Methods: Leg, Tail, Neck or Backpack

    *Antenna Length: 7"

    *Power Line Static Protection: This transmitter has been designed to take a high static electrical discharge and keep on working.

    *Hard Coat Anodizing: Tough exterior surface.

    *High Impact Crystal: Extremely durable components.

    *Warranty: 3 Years

    *Magnetic On/Off Switch: Optional

    We stock 434 MHz: Your own very specific channels, can be custom built to meet your exact needs.

    Note: Be sure to order batteries as we carry fresh stock at all times and sell them to our customers at wholesale prices in any quantity, any time. You will not find a less expensive or fresher battery anywhere! See related product RT0055 below.

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