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    Marshall Micro UHF Transmitter - Tail & Leg Mount - 434 MHz

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      Purchase Marshall Micro UHF Transmitter - Tail & Leg Mount - 434 MHz

      Marshall Micro UHF Transmitter - Tail & Leg Mount - 434 MHz
      SKU: RT1117




      Leg Mount and Tail Mount: $274.95

      The smallest of the Marshall transmitters is designed for use with Merlins, Barbaries, and other smaller falcons such as Barbary hybrids; as well as all the larger hawks and mounted either on the tail or neck.

      Briefly: The Micro UHF Transmitter is a tiny transmitter that is now the "Ideal Tail Mount" for all sized birds and also as a backpack on all sizes hawks. It weighs only 3 grams for the leg (3.5 grams for the tail mount) with the battery yet is a high-power, long range design putting 1/3 the weight on a single tail feather. The Micro also contains the magnetic 'tap on/tap off' switch and the 8 1/2" antenna provides improved power and efficiency.

      The Micro comes equipped with the thinner standard antenna. If you plan on using this transmitter on birds over 16 oz, we recommend ordering the heavy size antenna (See Related Products Below RT1259A). See the product sheet for switching antennas.

      Choose a tail clip size when mounting on a tail feather. See Related Items below or pull-down list above. $8.95

      Available UHF Frequencies: 434 (433 is a special order frequency)


      Battery Life: At room temperature the Micro UHF will transmit continuously for about 30 hours of normal use before telling you to change the battery with a "double beep" every 10 pulses. After that the CR1225 battery runs about 90 hours longer for a total of about 5 days.

      *Apollo 13 Model: Transmitter goes into battery conservation mode after 10 hours giving you roughly double the time to find your bird.

      *Frequency Stability

      *Size: .565" Diameter

      *Weight: 3.5 gr Tail & 3 g Leg Mount

      *Standard Duty Cycle: 40ms 40ppm

      *Operating Temperature: -40F to +150F (w/ new battery)

      *Range: 2 to 25 miles, depending on type of terrain and obstructions.

      Battery Life: Approximately 5 days.

      Magnetic On/Off: UHF Micro has a magnetic on/off switch and an audible low battery output indicator. Each transmitter comes with a magnetic wand.

      *Relative Power: +6db

      Antenna Length: 8.25"

      *Mounting Methods: Tail, Backpack, Leg or Neck

      *Power Line Static Protection: This transmitter has been designed to take a high static electrical discharge and keep on working.

      *Hard Coat Anodizing: Tough exterior surface.

      *High Impact Crystal: Extremely durable components.

      *Warranty: 3 Years

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