Micro Transmitter - 216 MHz - Tail Mount or Leg Mount, Smallest Technology

Micro Transmitter - 216 MHz - Tail Mount or Leg Mount, Smallest Technology

    Price: $224.95

    Code: RT1108

    Weight: 0.10 pounds

    Marshall Micro Transmitter: This tiny transmitter is now the "Ideal Tail Mount" for all sized birds. It weighs only 3.5 grams with the battery yet is a high-power, long range design putting 1/3 the weight on a single tail feather. Unlike other transmitters using very small batteries, the new Micro doesn't fade out or die in low temperature situations. It is perfect for small specialty hawks: Merlins, sharp-shinned hawks and other extremely small raptors.

    The Micro comes equipped with the thinner standard antenna. If you plan on using this transmitter on birds over 16 oz, we recommend you order the heavy size antenna (See Related Products Below RT1259A). See the product sheet for switching antennas.

    Choose a tail clip size when mounting on a tail feather. See Related Items above or pull-down window above. ($8.95)

    Range: 2 to 25 miles, depending on type of terrain and obstructions.

    Magnetic On/Off: The Micro also contains the magnetic 'tap on/tap off' switch.

    Battery Life: At room temperature the MICRO will transmit continuously for about 30 hours of normal use before telling you to change the battery with a "double beep" every 10 pulses. After that the 1225 battery runs about 68 hours longer for a total of 96 hours.

    Antenna Length: The half-length 7-inch antenna provides improved power and efficiency.

    Low Battery Warning: Double beep when battery output starts to drop

    Weight: 3.5 Grams Tail & 3 Grams Leg Mount

    Apollo 13 Mode: Transmitter goes into battery conservation mode after ten hours giving you roughly double the time to find your bird.

    Each Marshall Micro Transmitter unit is burned in for five days and Enviro-tested tested from +150F down to -40F prior to shipping.

    219 MHz: This frequency will work better than 216 if television channel 13 is broadcast in your area or if there is a tower broadcasting wireless internet in the area. There is a short wait while we get your transmitter programmed to your exact needs. In most cases we can program the transmitter right here in the shop without delay.

    See related product RT0055 below.

    TrackPack Mounting: This transmitter is ideal for those considering a back pack harness.


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