RT+ Transmitter - 216 MHz - Leg & Tail Mount, Uses the Reliable 1/3N Battery

RT+ Transmitter - 216 MHz - Leg & Tail Mount, Uses the Reliable 1/3N Battery

    Price: $194.95

    Code: RT1106

    Weight: 0.07 pounds

    The RT+ is designed around the reliable 1/3N battery which gives it the unique shape and size. With its longer battery life and powerful signal, it was developed to be primary a leg mount for larger shortwings and longwings (18 oz birds and up). The RT+ was the first of a new generation of transmitters with a short, safe, half-length antenna, yet no loss in power. It is also ideal as a secondary (backup) transmitter to the PowerMax tail mount for larger hawks.

    Choose a tail clip size when mounting on a tail feather. See Related Items below or pull-down window above. $8.95

    Range: 3 to 50 miles, depending on type of terrain and obstructions.

    Battery Life: The 2005 RT+ will transmit for about 5 days before telling you when to change the battery with a "double beep" every 10 pulses. It will run about four days after the double beep warning. As a backup system it also measures battery voltage in real time, which will warn you should you accidentally put in an old battery..

    Low Battery Warning: Double beep when battery output starts to drop.

    Weight: 8 Grams Leg and 9 Grams Tail.

    Magnetic On/Off: RT+ has a magnetic on/off switch and an audible low battery output indicator. Each transmitter comes with a magnetic wand.

    Apollo 13 Mode :Transmitter goes into battery conservation mode after 24 hours giving you roughly double the time to find your bird.

    Antenna Length: 7 7/8 inches.

    Each unit is burned in for five days and enviro-tested from +150F down to -15F prior to shipping. Three Year Warranty.

    219 MHz: This frequency will work better than 216 if television channel 13 is broadcast in your area or there is a tower broadcasting wireless internet in the area. There is a short wait while we get your 219 transmitter programmed to your exact needs. In most cases we can program it right here in the shop for you with no wait.

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