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    Scout Transmitter - 216 MHz - Tail-Leg Combination

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      Purchase Scout Transmitter - 216 MHz - Tail-Leg Combination

      Scout Transmitter - 216 MHz - Tail-Leg Combination
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      Scout Transmitter. The Scout combines great range and reliability at an very affordable price and is ideal for medium to large sized falcons, short-wings or broad-wings. A key goal was to seriously tune a short safe 7-inch antenna without the consequent loss in power that happens when you simply cut the antenna short. This transmitter is available in a tail mount; simply remove the tail spring if you wish to use it as a leg mount.

      Choose a tail clip size when mounting on tail feather. See Related Items below or pull-down window above. $8.95

      Range: 3 to 40 miles, depending on type of terrain and obstructions.

      Back-Pack Mounting: This transmitter is ideal for those considering the back-pack harness. Hawks as small as 360 grams have carried the PowerMax using a back-pack mount.

      Battery Life: The Scout uses CR2032 lithium 3-volt battery. The Scout will transmit continuously for 40 days with a new battery installed. The Scout will warn you when there is approximately 10 days left, with a double beep every 10 pulses. .

      Low Battery Warning: The transmitter changes to a double beep on every tenth pulse. This transmitter runs at the same power, but simply warning you to change the battery.

      Weight: Leg 9 Grams and Tail 9.5 Grams.

      Magnetic On/Off: Scout has a magnetic on/off switch and an audible low battery output indicator. Each transmitter comes with a magnetic wand.

      Apollo 13 Mode : Transmitter goes into battery conservation mode after 24 hours giving you roughly double the time to find your bird.

      219 MHz: This frequency will work better than 216 if television channel 13 is broadcast in your area or there is a tower with wireless internet over the area. There is a short wait while we get your transmitter programmed to your exact needs.

      Warranty: One Year Warranty.

      Each unit is burned in for five days and enviro-tested from +150F down to -15F prior to shipping.

      See related product RT0055 below.

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